J3ZZ audiovisual creations & performances | Ambient blend of bio sounds, electronics & strings Human x Nature x Technology

Ambient blend of bio sounds, electronics & strings
Human x Nature x Technology

Latest videos

I usually publish my videos on my YouTube channel: IAMJ3ZZ. If you don't want to miss any, better subscribe. I do my main (HD audio & video) livestream on Twitch & YouTube. For the (SD audio & video) behind the scenes livestream, follow @iamj3zz on social media Instagram & Facebook

The song of the nightingale (music video)

In the MOMkult online series you can get to know Hungarian birds through different artistic mediums. 🐦 They invited me to join in. So, I went to the forest with some instruments and paid a tribute to the nightingale's enchanting songs. 🌳 I sat down and listened. Ideas rushed in and I drafted some sounds. 🌳 Here is for you the result to enjoy in this little music video.


Music video by J3ZZ performing 'The song of the nightingale'
© 2020 Watcha Studios

Music, audio recording & editing, video concept & editing - Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
Camera, color grading - Yoesvel llerena

A Drop in the Ocean (music video)

from 00:00 track 1. Erosion
from 12:05 track 2. Downdrift
from 25:33 track 3. High Tide


Music video by J3ZZ performing A Drop in the Ocean. © 2020 Watcha Studios
Recorded live during #j3zzlab 01 - streamed on May 16, 2020.
Music and visuals, both live by J3ZZ

Stereo Woods (music video)

I made this video with friends. We offer it to you with all our hearts in these rough times. Thanks to Diego Parbuono (film making), Joe Black (camera), Erika Di Benedetto (photography), Zsolt László Kiss (audio recording).


Music video by J3ZZ performing STEREO WOODS. © 2020 Watcha Studios
With the support of Watcha Studios, CineSaibai and Monkey Island Studio.

False Truths (music video)


Music video by J3ZZ - False Truths. © 2019 Watcha Studios
With the support of Watcha Studios & CineSaibai.


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Music releases

You can find my latest releases online. Here are the main available platforms but you might as well check on your favorite one. And if not available, please let me know which platform you use!

Listen to the freshest published sounds

A Drop in the Ocean

Released on May 20,2020
© Watcha Studios

Stereo Woods

Released on April 13,2020
© Watcha Studios

on/off-line #J3ZZLAB events

Join #J3ZZLAB, where I focus everytime on a different topic, with a different format (workshop, talk, performance...)

Want to check how it looks ?

A design without design. A box without a frame. This is a playground. A playlab. For all of us to experiment. The main idea of #J3ZZLAB is to provide a platform to each and everyone (listener, artist, social worker, scientist, kids etc.) to learn by doing. Online and offline. This idea was born during the Covid-19 rough times that we are all facing.

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an acoustic strings improvisative side project

Through HYBRIS, I attempt to pay tribute to what made the core of my music inspiration: classical music. From a very young age, I was influenced by classical music. It feels natural and reassuring for me to play the violin and it came to my mind that I wanted the so-called classical music to be as alive as possible, which meant to me that I wanted to create music with strings in presence of an audience. Slowly, I shared with classical musicans and the journey began. My first partner in crime is Endre Kertész, fantastic cellist from Hungary.

More releases to come soon

About J3ZZ

Some call me Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té.

I see myself as a protean artist, as much as a performer – violinist, composer, producer and sound designer - as in the themes of my work, where the topics of gathering and legitimacy constantly intersect with those of dialogue and sharing of codes. This permeability is also part of the musician and the engineer in me, providing a know-how acquired by multiple experiences in the four corners of the world.


Through many years of travelling and experimentation, embracing interdisciplinary practices, I have found my own natural way of expression as a sound artist blending electronics, installations, soundscapes, folk instruments, movements, visuals and improvisation within the scope of performing arts.

My intention is to open a dialogue regarding societal topics, raise awareness and encourage empowerment via the means of arts. I am interested in topics like ecology, migration and human rights. My installation “Unbalanced Forces” exhibited in Budapest after the constitutional changes in Hungary, allowed the audience to reflect on their own behaviour regarding the system they live in through a metaphor provided by an interactive multichannel soundscape. In another work, "Park in Progress", taking place in the Nicosia buffer zone in Cyprus, I performed to illustrate the importance of communication in times of a humanitarian crisis.

My current artistic research & project "Vibrotanica" is about creating a bridge between Human, Flora and Fauna, experimenting and performing through various media and a diversity of venues. My aim with this initiative is to provide a platform to consciously observe and experiment with our green surroundings as a Society and to inspire for a change – in our daily lives, but also in our wider, political and economical environments. Just as ripples spread out when a pebble is dropped into water, by my work I wish to share, inspire and open a dialogue, concentrating on what interconnects us all: Nature.

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Violin-cello improvisative

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chill ambient

#4 🌱 Vibrotanica show - Plants based
site-specific visuals, interdisciplinary, 3D spatial sound

#5 👌 custom audiovisual installations

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