Hybris / Ex Nihilo

Out now! Video premiere of ex nihilo 2

I am happy to present you a collaborative work around my side projet called “Hybris” that Sengsavane Chounramany (visuals) and myself are very proud of. We hope it will bring you some more hope and beauty in these tumultuous moments. It is our way to tell you thank you for your support.

Sengsavane is also sharing with us the breakdown of her creation through this article !

Keep up taking care of yourselves and your beloved ones. Enjoy and connect with the Nature as much as you can. 🌳 For those wondering: During winter Vibrotanica slowed down into hibernation but will bloom again.

Love 🖤 J3ZZ

If you don’t use Spotify, you can also find the tracks online here:

Ex Nihilo 2 music video directed & animated by Sengsavane Chounramany Music, audio recording, editing & mixing - Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
Mastering - Szabolcs Puha © 2021 Watcha Studios